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A one-stop-shop experience for our customers with the use of the latest technology, up to date knowledge and a cost-effective design and thus an efficient production process

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Shaping service perfection

We are a full service provider. Our one-stop-shop philosophy brings a full set of services that ensures the success of our products and our partnerships. Depending on your needs, we will support you and take the lead in the design, shaping, validation, implementation and maintenance of your parts and tooling solutions. 

With the use of the latest technology, up to date knowledge and a cost-effective design we create the most efficient production process. We can fully maintain your products with our extensive maintenance plan and spare part management resulting in an optimal total cost of ownership. This guarantees a long life cycle of your products.



In the design phase we discuss all applicable specifications and parameters for the tooling and make sure we determine and understand the challenge of our costumer. Making the right choices during the design phase in consultation with our customers reduces risks and improves manufacturability during the production process.

We do this based on stress- and/or lifting proof calculations for bending and FEM modeling. Furthermore we ensure that the tools apply to the regulations regarding environment, health and safety and provide our tooling solutions with an operation- and maintenance manual.

Value engineering

Based on our experience gained in different industries, we can fully support our customers in the value engineering of parts and tooling. We engineer to the newest standards and production techniques.

By doing so, we can reduce the amount of parts and complexity, resulting in reduction of price and leadtime. We use the latest 3D design software such as CATIA V5 and FEM analyses for optimal design and robust products and tooling solutions.




In our production facility we are able to fully produce parts and tooling solutions according to the highest standard and tolerances. We have gained a broad range of knowledge in complex 3D shaped parts. Technologies used for shaping complex parts include 3D sheet metal bending, welding, 5-axis CNC machining up to 26.000mm and assemble

We have a broad range of techniques in house and gained extensive experience in several industries. The combination of these elements gives us an exceptional position in this field.


At our construction department we can fully support you with our experience in cutting, (certified) welding, brake-form pressing, heat treatment, vibratory stress relief, sand blasting and painting. We are specialized in pre-forming large and/or complex 3D shapes in large sheet metal plates.

Our department is fully certified according to EN ISO 3834-2 and has a broad experience in welding of complex structures in invar, (stainless) steel and aluminium alloys.


Within our machining department we have a broad range of CNC machines to ensure a perfect fit for your parts or tools. With our variety of milling machines we can machine 5-axis up to 26.000 x 6.000 x 3.000 mm. This gives us exceptional possibilities for large and complex structures.

Furthermore our machining department is equipped with several smaller 5-axis milling machines, covering dimensions from 3.000 – 8.000 mm and from 1.000 – 3.000 mm. High accuracy and/or double curved surfaces is what we feel comfortable with.


At our assembly department all parts made in our production facility are assembled. Here we can polish the tools to the finest surface while maintaining its accuracy and shape. Starting with mechanical assembly up to controls and vacuum systems are day to day activities, being performed by our professional tool makers.



Validation process

During the validation process, we validate all specifications as agreed on during the design phase, or in case of a build-to-print project, according to your specifications. In our conditioned quality department we have access to our 4 x 2 meter CMM measurement machine, several lasertrackers and a laserscanner.


Furthermore, we can validate tooling according EN ISO 3834-2 as well as vacuum- and helium leak testing to ensure the quality of the parts and tools. Dutch-Shape is ISO 9001:2015 certified and holds many customer quality accreditations, including

  • The Boeing Company
  • Airbus Industries
  • Fokker Technologies
  • Facc



During the implementation phase of the project our toolmakers will install the tooling at your facility, being supported by our quality engineers to ensure the tool will meet all specifications which are applicable for your project. We strive to have the installation carried out by the toolmakers who also carried out the internal assembly process. This results in a quick installation.


We do not only mechanically and electrically install the tools, we will also train your operators in how to use and maintain the tools supported with operation and maintenance manuals. During the commissioning all applicable documents will be handed over to our customers.




For a long lifespan of your tools, it is important to schedule planned maintenance to minimize any disturbance during the production process. This will ensure the quality of your products and the best return on investment.


We advise our customers which spare parts are critical to quality and have long lead times. In case of unplanned maintenance, our toolmakers can assist you to minimize the disturbance.


Managing perfection

Perfection starts with knowledge, combined with state of the art machinery and tools. We understand the challenges of our customers and we define what is needed. Our process is designed to provide a perfect solution to each problem in balance with the timing, costs and the best results.

In order to execute each project to perfection, we select a team of different disciplines that are monitored by our project managers.

This proces is called:
Managing perfection

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