New milling machine unique

It required no less than 24 trailers to transport Dutch-Shape’s latest acquisition from Italy to Borne. But then you’ve got something really special: a one-of-a-kind 10-axis milling machine that can process products of no less than 26 x 6 x 3 metres.

‘Indeed, our new milling machine is unique in its kind in terms of size and performance’, said Guus Engelen. ‘This will soon allow us to manufacture complex, double curved tools that are required for producing complex aircraft parts. The major aircraft manufacturers in particular are looking to build wings and fuselage parts from increasing fewer segments.’

Assembly in full swing
The milling machine is currently being feverishly assembled. A team of FPT engineers has been specially flown in from Italy to install, programme and set up the milling machine. According to the schedule, the milling machine should be ready to use in mid November. FPT is no stranger to Dutch-Shape, as we have bought a milling machine before from the firm, which has got a solid reputation to maintain when it comes to producing high-precision milling machines.