New miller exceeds all expectations

The Dutch-Shape production unit in Rijssen is home to Europe’s biggest miller. It was taken into use at the end of last year, along with the new production unit, following a special ceremony. Now, less than a year later, the miller is exceeding all expectations. 

‘It really was a logistical feat to get this miller from Italy to the Netherlands in bits and pieces. We had to use 24 trailers!’, Guus Engelen explains. ‘And then we had to assembly all of that, but look at the result: a 10-shaft miller that’s completely unique. It measures a fantastic 26 x 6 x 3 metres. We use the new miller to manufacture complex, double-curved 3-dimensional products. Most of them are intended for large aircraft builders. They want wings and fuselage elements, among other things, to contain increasingly fewer segments.’

Big investment

Engelen: ‘We’ve also welcomed a number of new clients from the aerospace industry. It’s good to know that the new miller does not only allow us to manufacture very complex products, but also helps us to highly improve the production speed. It enables us to properly manage the influx in orders. So yes, we’re very happy with this big investment. So far, the miller has exceeded all our expectations.’