With a firm push of the button, Henk Kamp, the Minister for Economic Affairs, commissioned the new production unit as well as the new and unique miller of Dutch-Shape on 9 December. These investments have brought Dutch-Shape completely up-to-date for the future.

The official opening ceremony was conducted by Henk Kamp, the Minister for Economic Affairs: ‘Dutch-Shape has grown from a regional business into a global supplier for aircraft builders. The new sustainable production unit, housing the largest miller in Europe, demonstrates that Dutch-Shape seizes opportunities on a global basis. The investment in carbon composite, as a result of which aircraft will emit less CO2 in future, is another example of the innovative strength of this company. I’m so pleased the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been able to contribute to this during the past few years.’


Formidable job

Guus Engelen, managing director of Dutch-Shape: ‘The major aircraft builders in particular want to be able to compose wings and fuselage elements using increasingly fewer segments, for instance. Our investments enable us to meet that wish, better than ever before, with increasingly larger and more complex aircraft components.’ Constructing a new production unit and assembling a new and unique miller at the same time during a two-year period is a formidable job. Guus Engelen: ‘The fact that we made it can be attributed to a highly intensive and effective collaboration between everyone involved, including the Borne local authorities, and the unremitting commitment from all Dutch-Shape employees.’