Innovative roof on new production unit

The new Dutch-Shape production unit is ready to roll. Dutch-Shape now has a total production area of 4,800 m2. As a perfect reflection of the firm’s innovative and specialist operational character, a climate-control system has been fitted in the roof.
According to CEO Guus Engelen, a great deal of effort has gone into getting the production unit ready on schedule. ‘In the summer of 2015, we signed a contract with the Italian FPT for the production of a unique 10-axis milling machine. The machine is to be commissioned this autumn. To ensure there was enough space to accommodate it, the new production unit had to be ready on time.

Innovative roof
In the roof of the new production unit, a new sustainable technology has been used. Guus Engelen: ‘We opted for a hypermodern roof. Special material has been used that features a heat-buffering function. This technique is based on the principle of phase changes between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. The best way to illustrate this is to compare it to a cooler element. A special vacuum collector stores heat during warm days and then reemits it on cold days. The roof will also be fitted in the near future with solar panels. The plans for this are already at an advanced stage.’
New demand from the market
According to Engelen, Dutch-Shape’s new production unit better enables it to respond to new demand from the market. ‘We are constantly innovating and specialising on behalf of renowned international clients from the aerospace and automotive sectors.’